The highlights of our P-14 Rotor Mill at a glance

impact and cutting
in one device

speed of 24,000 rpm
for higher final fineness

ultimate fineness down to <40 μm
depending on material and sieve insert

active air cooling,
even in standby

heavy metal / iron-free grinding
compliant with RoHS directive

automatic monitoring
of temperature and system load

FRITSCH P-14 – two devices in one for laboratory, quality control, research and other applications

With a speed of 24,000 rpm, the P-14 Rotor Mill achieves a throughput of up to 15 l/h and even more. This corresponds to the engine power of a Grand Prix-level race car. Active air cooling ensures that you samples can be ground continuously without having to stop for extended cooling. And temperature-sensitive substances such as essential oils are also preserved to the greatest degree possible without loss, even in the tenth sample.

An added benefit: The FRITSCH P-14 is the only rotor mill on the market that can be converted into a highly efficient cutting mill in just a few simple steps. This is worthwhile when processing material that can be best shredded by cutting it. Two devices offering one compact solution. Typical FRITSCH quality.

Benefit from two functions in one extra powerful, compact solution with the FRITSCH P-14 Rotor Mill. Clean Design allows the device to be easily cleaned and all contaminants to be eliminated. Thanks to its quick rotor stop, it is also extremely safe. Ask our experts for the details!

Two functions in one mill

Watch here how easy it is to transform your FRITSCH P‑14 from a rotor mill to a high-performance cutting mill in just a few simple steps. That’s FRITSCH!

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Your individual test grinding

Send us your sample for test grinding your special substances with the new P-14 Rotor Mill. We will determine the optimum grinding parameters and impress you with outstanding results as well as a detailed grinding protocol.

With the impact rotor, the P-14 effortlessly shreds medium-hard, soft, brittle and fibrous materials from lime to plants. It also meets the respective requirements of the analytical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The cutting set provides you with fast pre-shredding and fine shredding of soft to hard-tough or fibrous materials and plastics.

The impact bar is used for highly sensitive materials such as powder coatings or plastics or for pre-shredding and fine shredding of hard-brittle to soft, greasy or moist samples.

Keep an eye on temperature and system load

As far as working temperatures are concerned, we leave nothing to chance in the P-14: A sensor constantly measures the system temperature in the immediate vicinity of the rotor. The measured data is shown in a graph that can be viewed at any time. The current system load is also displayed here. This means that you always have a detailed overview of the complete grinding process and perform entire sample series under consistent conditions.

Nothing is impossible: With FRITSCH Cyclone

Combined with the FRITSCH Cyclone, the P-14 makes the impossible possible – such as problem-free grinding of extremely temperature-sensitive or electrostatically charged samples, very light materials, or small sample quantities.

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